Chris Clemons "Clemonade" Medium Roast

Chris Clemons "Clemonade" Medium Roast

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Sales of this product contribute money directly to Chris Clemons and his touring efforts!

This blend has great drinkability and flavor with balanced acidity. The hints of chocolate and berry are very evident in the aroma. Clemonade really “brings it” with its satisfying boldness and smooth subtle finish. We take our superior French Roast and compliment it with bright, crisp coffees from Africa. This blend is sophisticated with a touch of elegance!

Coffee Origins: South America, Africa

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Neat little disc golf shop located in Vernon. Open on Sunday mornings but you can also contact them via Facebook if you need something.

Good selection of discs from different brands. Also has a nice selection of used discs for cheaper if you are looking to get started playing on a budget.

Max Jones
6 months Ago

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