Vernon's National Night Out

Thank you for visiting our booth at this year's National Night Out event in Vernon! We hope you had an amazing night, and we are glad that you are interested in learning more about the amazing game of Disc Golf.


How is disc golf played?

The game of disc golf is played essentially the same as "Ball" Golf. You start each hole from the tee box area and try to complete the hold by throwing the disc into the basket in the least amount of throws. lowest score after 18 holes, wins. 

Where can I play Disc Golf?

There are numerous courses in the CT and surrounding areas, and most are FREE to play. Vernon has a course located behind the Vernon Center Middle School (VCMS) behind the community gardens.

What do I need to Play?

The great thing about Disc Golf is you essentially only need 1-3 discs to play a round of Disc Golf. Here at Hyzer Disc Sports we can help you select those first couple of discs to get you started on the right foot and we have a large selection of gently used discs that will be kind to your wallet. While we have tons of discs available online, we recommend visiting our Vernon location on Sundays from 9-1pm and talk with our staff about how best to get started.

Use Code "NNO2022" to save 20% on your first order online. If you stop into our Vernon location, just mention you met us at the National Night Out event.

Am I too old to play?

There is NO age factor to have a great time playing disc golf. In fact, there are even players in their 60's & 70's enjoying rounds of Disc Golf in their free time, and competitively in local tournaments. Disc Golf is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise at any age!

Where can I learn more?

There are some amazing resources online including YouTube, where you can find tutorials and lessons on proper throwing techniques and form. This is a great resource that can really lower the learning curve. There are numerous Facebook groups and doubles leagues that run all year round that are also a great resource to meet others who are learning the game, and veterans willing to help others learn. You will find an amazing community in Disc Golf no matter your skill level.

Now What?

What are waiting for? Go play some Disc Golf!!